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there is no profit

Started by akva31z 2019-08-29 at 16:09
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dear admin! A few days ago I switched to AutoPay, it turns out that with this method I have no profit,sometimes small,sometimes negative.Please look at my statistics and explain what is the matter.It doesn't make sense to work like this.Thanks
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We hope that everything is going great and members are enjoying the earning on ClixCare Group, we realize that Autopay price is not profitable for members and on many request by members we decided to decrease the Autopay price.

Now the Autopay price is $0.0035 on our all 4 sites and indeed which is quiet profitable for all so enjoy the earning.

Administrator Of ClixCare Group.
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Admin of ClixCare Group always tries to ensure that participants are comfortable working on sites. Honest and trusted Amin! Thanks.