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RR AVG GRAND PROBLEMS adscare & clixcare & bizzcare

Started by Sheverja 2019-10-08 at 23:45
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admin you have problems on 3 of your adscare+ clixcare + bizzcare sites with RR click cost per day
Please tell me why to buy RR if after 30 days I will have a minus from my investment.
This is the situation on clixcare & bizzcare 1RR clicks from $ 0.032 d 1RR0.00 4
for 30 days, the maximum is $ 0.12, and the price is $ 0.15 for 1RR
for the second time I tell you that income from RR 0.0032 is not possible .... it is very small at a price of 1RR $ 0.15
$ 0.0032 * 30 = 0.096
$ 0.096- $ 0.15 = $ - 0.054
TOTAL I will be minus my investment
Please look carefully and correct
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We always try our best to give the priority support opportunities and promotions to avoid the interest of our members and that`s the reason we are giving big discounts in PTC industry to make our members in profit even in a equal average, so we suggest our members every time to get every promotion for better results and even you also purchase 100 RR on 50% discount price and you also covered near about 100% of your ROI please check SS.

Good luck!

Administration Of BizzCare.
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