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Bizzcare Payments Update

Started by Administrator 2020-05-18 at 23:18
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Hello Guys

We are starting bizzcare payments on 20th May .Deposit as much as possible for you and never afraid because the company goes down if you afraid to work with us.And Don't worry Other all care and live sites payments will start within next some days Step By Step
We have decided to increased the maximum cashout limit of upgrade accounts . So please read this update .

Basic Membership Maximum cashout Limit : $10
Regular Membership Maximum cashout Limit : $15
Bizzlite Membership Maximum cashout Limit : $25
BizMax Membership Maximum cashout Limit : $35

for avail maximum cashout please follow the one time Necessary deposit :

For Basic members : Necessary Deposit: $12
For Regular members : Necessary Deposit:$18
For Bizzlite members : Necessary Deposit:$30
For Bizzmax members : Necessary Deposit:$42


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Great dear
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